Monday, May 22, 2023

Summer session/ Shoes/What to wear

Cedar City-
**Summer session begins June 5th and goes for 8 weeks.  
Cedar City tap classes are only going 6 weeks.
Cedar Competition cheer team parent/athlete meeting is May 31st at 6pm. Tryouts are June 1st and all information will be given out at the meeting. 

**Enterprise Spirit teams and tumbling classes begin June 19th and go for 6 weeks.
Enterprise Competition Cheer team parent meeting is June 5th at 6pm and tryouts are June 6th.  All information about tryouts will be given out at the meeting.  Competition cheer teams will take June off and begin in July. 

**SHOE DAY- For anyone needing pink ballet shoes for ballet classes, Tiny 2's and Preschool dance classes we will have shoe sizing/ordering day on June 1st from 4:30-5:30pm at the dance studio (suite #4) 

**All other jazz, modern, KLT classes you can order your dance shoes from Amazon.  Here is a link with the type of shoe they will need.  Please be sure to get tan, leather turners. (Not pink and Not Canvas)
These are just the style, there are many other options to choose from on Amazon.  You can search Tan leather turners if you prefer. 

**Cheer shoes are found on this site.  They must be the Chasse Ace II in all white.

These run about a size to a size and a half small so order bigger than regular shoe size. 

Tap Shoes: Tap shoes should be black and similar to these for both child and adults. 

Youth tap shoes:

Adult Tap shoes:

Don't forget about the tumbling camps that are offered at the Cedar Gym.  Back handspring back tuck camps (2 of them) and the Aerial camp.  
There is also a 4 day dance intensive camp offered.  
These are available through gomotion. 


We have a studio policy to please cover up your stomach while in class!  We prefer to just focus on dance, cheer and tumbling and not comparing our bodies to other students.  

Tiny Twos and Preschool Dance classes: Pink ballet shoes are required.  Any dance outfit is fine for this class.  Please nothing big and baggy.

Tap classes: the shoe ordering information is on the shoe blog.  Form fitting dance clothing should be worn in tap class.  Please order black tap shoes ASAP so your child has them for classes once they begin.

Flexibility class:  Form fitting Clothing. Stretching blocks are required for this class:

Modern/Contemporary classes: Turners or bare feet. Form fitting dancewear should be worn, nothing big and baggy.

Ballet Classes: All dancers need pink ballet shoes (please order from the studio as colors vary), any color of leotard is allowed for ballet dancers.  Nothing big or baggy! Leotards are required, you may wear tights or booty shorts with the leotard.  No leggings.  Hair up in a bun. 

Hip Hop classes: Baggy, clothing that you can move in is appropriate for this class.  All dancewear is acceptable as well.  Sneakers need to be worn in class.  We will be ordering hip hop shoes to go with our costumes for the year, that information will be updated here. 

Jazz classes: Students should wear form fitting dance/athletic wear.  nothing big and baggy

Cheer classes- Form fitting athleticwear that students can move in.  No jewelry! Hair must be pulled back into a pony tail. Competition Team should wear all black. 

Tumbling classes:  Form fitting athleticwear that students can move in. Absolutely nothing big and baggy and no street clothing should be worn.  No levis ever. Hair should be up and out of the way. 

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Ballet Dress Code

 This past year we have really struggled with dancers coming to ballet in regular that with hair down. In an effort to improve our ballet program and give your dancers the best training possible, the Ballet Dress Code is being updated.

 Ballet dress code will go into effect the 1st week of summer session and remain in place.  There are multiple reasons a dancer needs to come dressed appropriately for ballet classes. We as instructors cannot help them with alignment and technique when they are not dressed properly. I promise that your dancer dances better and behaves better in class when they are dressed to dance. There are actual studies that prove this. We don't just want your dancer to succeed with us here at the Point, but to prepare them for any future dance opportunities they may seek. Ballet students will be required to wear a leotard and ballet shoes that fit to ballet class each week. The leotard can be any color and style. Pink tights are recommended but not required. NO STRETCH PANTS AND T-SHIRTS anymore in ballet classes. Ballet Skirts, booty shorts, or tightly fitted biker shorts will be optional as well. During the cold months dancers may warm up with jackets and warm leggings for the 1st 10 minutes of class. Many of our dancers have leotards but have not been wearing them to classes. If your dancer does not come dressed appropriately expect a text or phone call request to bring dance clothing. You don't need to spend a fortune on leotards. Some of the best websites to check out for best prices are: Discount Dance and Dancewear Solutions, both companies always have multiple leotards in their "discount"  "closeout" and "sale" sections. The Dance Magic Store in St George always has a discount rack(you will pay more here then online) and there is always Amazon.

  Hair should be pulled back in a BUN, BUNS, FRENCH TWIST, OR FRENCH BRAIDS. Any bun will do(low, high, 2 buns, messy buns, classic buns, just so hair is secured back)Long ponytails just become a big distraction during turning sections of class so, NO PONYTAILS. If your students hair is shorter than shoulder length they may have a tight ponytail. Please do not send students to class with hair down and a hair elastic on their wrist to pull it back themselves. They just end up playing with their hair all through class and it is often a fight to get them to pull their hair back.    Thank you for supporting the improvements we are making to our ballet program.  Miss Elisha‚

 PS I totally understand what it is like to be a dance Mom and I've had my epic fails in this arena. I have found it helpful to just have a dance bag for my little dancers that I re-stock with fresh dance clothes, dance shoes, and hair elastics, snacks etc at the beginning of each week and we hang these by our side door. I have Mom friends who just leave these bags in their cars ready to go each week.

Sunday, May 7, 2023

May Information

End of year reminders: 

All Accounts must be paid in full in order for your child to participate in their recital.  Please do not make me have to contact you to collect payment.  If you are on autopay, please be sure that the payment processes and that there is no balance on the account.  Because this is the end of the season, This rule applies to ALL accounts, no exceptions. 

We do not want anyone to be left out of our shows, so PLEASE make it possible for them to be in the show. As with any business, payment is due at time of purchase, therefore, payment is due prior to the show. Please know that this is the most difficult of my job, but this is a business and I have to pay staff, rent, the Heritage and all of our extra helpers.    

There will be NO classes held on Monday, May 15th or Tuesday May 16th as all staff will be helping with all shows.  

 Our Spring Recital is a week away at the Heritage Center in Cedar City.

Dance Shows- Monday, May 15th  

Show #1- 5pm 

Show #2- 7pm show

Solo/Duet Dance Show- Tuesday, May 16th- 5pm

Cheer/Tumbling Show- Tuesday, May 16th 6:30pm

Check the website blog or gomotion events and gomotion news. 

All Performers should arrive no later than 30 min. prior to their show.  They should be completely ready to go on stage when they arrive.  We try very hard to start every show on time!

The performers entrance is on the East side of the Heritage Center on 100 N.  That door will take you directly on the stage.  If there is a show going when you arrive, please take your performer downstairs in the large open room underneath the stage until that show is over.  Please do not leave them until the helpers are there to help them.  They may be busy with the show before theirs.  

Please read the costume information so your child has all of the pieces that they need for each of their numbers

Please go to the recital program order blog and the Hair/Make-up/costume blog for all of the recital information for your child.  Be sure to be side stage if your child has a really quick change- they can just change there instead of going to their dressing room.  Parents are welcome to come backstage to help their child change into another costume if needed.   Please do not take your child into the audience during the show, they are cast members and cannot leave backstage or their helpers will not know where to find them when they need to go on stage.  Please leave them until the final bow.  We will have things for them to do backstage.  

Dancers with multiple classes, please look at the programs and come in their first costume listed on the program. 

Tumbling classes will all go before cheer classes so if your child is in both, please have them in their studio t-shirt, black leggings or shorts first.  Then they can change into their cheer outfit! 

Tiny Twos parents, please bring your child side stage 3 numbers prior to their number.  The girls need to put on their purple tu-tu for their performance.  After their number, you are free to take them to get photos etc... Please leave the tu-tus sidestage when they are done performing. We use these every year for these kids. 

Here is the link to the digital Download or DVD of each recital.

We will not have any classes after the recitals as we prepare for summer session, which begins on June 5th.  If your child will be taking summer session, you will need to register through the Gomotion App for those.  

If your child is not taking summer session,you do not need to do anything- all auto payments will stop after the May payment.  May payment is the same as any other month because all staff is needed for all the shows which is more staff hours than an entire month of lessons.  Thank you for your understanding.  

Please contact me if you read through all of the posted information and you cannot find the answer to your questions. I will be unavailable from June 11-14th so please contact me by June 10th at 4pm.  I will be gone after that and won't be able to get you tights or other items that you need.  I will also not be answering emails or texts until Sunday afternoon (May 14th).  I know this is super inconvenient but cannot be helped.  Thanks for your help with this.    

We are so excited to see your children perform at our year end show.  There is no charge at the door for spectators so feel free to invite friends and family :)

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Elite Cheer Athletics Parent/Athlete Meetings

 Mandatory Meeting for anyone planning on trying out for Elite Cheer Competition Teams for the 2023-24 season. Cedar and Enterprise Team info below:

Cedar Teams:

Meeting May 31st, begins at 6pm. Location 470 N. 2150 W. #5

 A parent/guardian and the athlete trying out for Cheer must be in attendance.

Tryouts are June 1st @ 6pm for Cedar Teams- More info given at the parent meeting.

Enterprise Teams:

 Parent/Athlete Meeting is Monday, June 5th at 6pm. Location 737 E. Main Street, Enterprise, UT

A parent/guardian and the athlete trying out for Cheer must be in attendance.

Tryouts are June 6th @6pm- More info given at the parent meeting.

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Pre-Order link for DVD/ Digital Download for Spring Recital

Here is the link to pre-order a DVD or digital download of the Spring recital.  Be sure to pick the show(s) that you child is in.  There are two dance shows, a solo show and the Cheer/Tumbling show.

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Competition Cheer Make up Kits

Here is the new competition Cheer team make up kit.  All team members need to have this for performances and competitions.

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Company Dance Team make-up

Here is the link for the Company dance team make up.  All Dancers need the new eye shadow this year. 

If you are new to Competition teams you will probably want to just purchase the entire kit (it's cheaper that way). Also, the shipping is free if you total 55$ or more so if anyone on each team wants to head that up you can save some bucks that way.  Feel free to post on the Groupme if you want to place an order for everyone.  

If you are a returner, you don't have to purchase the entire kit if you already have the lip paint and the blush.  The three items you absolutely need from are the eyeshadow, lip paint and blush. The other items you can get in Cedar if you prefer. You can purchase eyelashes at WalMart or Wal-Greens.  Don't forget to get the eyelash glue or you can go with the magnet style of eyelashes.  As long as they are a medium length (nothing too small or too big) I am fine with them.